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Magnetic separators for highly disperse dry powders
Magnetic separators of the NTP-1400 series with a high gradient are designed for high-quality and efficient dry magnetic enrichment or separation of weakly magnetic ore and nonmetallic materials having a finely dispersed composition: 0-2 mm.

Due to the original design, the separator has a low price compared to traditional solutions such as magnetic separators of the drum type, low costs and very high efficiency. The separator uses permanent magnets Nd-Fe-B.

The magnetic separator of the NTP-1400 series is used for the separation of pulverized dry powders, such as:
Ores of noble, non-ferrous, rare and ferrous metals;
Ores of nonmetallic minerals;
Polymetallic ores, screenings, granites;
Ceramic powders and masses;
Sands for the glass industry;

The magnetic separator is in demand for cleaning porcelain paste, glaze, kaolin and other similar materials from weakly magnetic minerals, iron oxides and titanium.

An example of magnetic enrichment of feldspar raw materials, where weakly magnetic particles of complex mineral composition such as hornblende, amphibole, mica and biotite are more or less evenly distributed throughout the granulometric composition:
Fractional composition:
-56 μm - 50%
+ 56-100 μm - 40%
+ 100-400 μm - 10%
The initial content of iron (Fe2O3) in the material was 2.26%
The final iron content (Fe2O3) in nonmagnetic fractions was 0.2%, the concentration of iron (Fe2O3) in the magnetic fraction was 11.5%.

The whole technological line is a combination of the following devices: a drum screen with 2 decks for fractions of 0-40 μm, 40-100 μm, +100 μm, EMC - 2 pieces, magnetic separator - NTP-1400 2 pcs. Its capacity for incoming raw materials is up to 2 tons per hour.
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