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    Aluminosilicate hollow microspheres - the international name for the cenosphere or kenosphere, today is the most popular component of fly ash for various applications. Cenospheres are easily separated by flotation during the hydro-removal of TPS ash-and-slag to the storage site, collecting on the surface of the lagoons, from where they are collected for further processing. However, the content of cenospheres in fly ash is usually very small. According to estimates of foreign evils of ash, the average content of cenospheres is estimated at 0.5%, in the ashes of the Russian Federation the content is somewhat higher, especially in the coal ash of Kuzbass - approximately 1-1.5% on average, which is mainly due to increased temperature in the boilers and composition, and Ekibastuz ash coal output cenospheres usually does not exceed 0.2-0.3%. In ash from a number of stations in India, typically 0.1-0.2%. Because of such a low content, it is difficult to agree with the prevailing opinion about the cenospheres, as the most important component of ash in terms of market potential. Nevertheless, the consumption volumes in various industries are growing every year, the main world suppliers: Russia (according to data for 2019, about 45 thousand tons, Kazakhstan (35-40 thousand tons), China and India, Ukraine also supplies a little There are manufacturers in the US, Canada, Australia.

To date, we offer to supply a wide range of cenospheres!
Minimum Delivery Amount: 20 tons. Shipment by vans or sea 40 foot containers. We supply products almost worldwide. REACH certification is available for customers in the European Union.
Color: gray, light gray, dirty white, white.
The alumina content is from 20% to 40%. Gradation: 20-23%, 24-27%, 30-34%, 35-40%.
Humidity: not more than 0.3%.
Fractional composition on demand: standard 0-500 um (really 40-500 um), optionally any fraction.
Sinking sediment no more than 5%, the fact is usually 1-2%.
True density or specific gravity: from 0.66 to 0.85, depending on the source of origin.
Chemical composition according to source of origin, available on request.
Shipping warehouse: Russia, Siberia.
Delivery to anywhere in the world.
Price by agreement, depending on the requirements and volume.
Supply Capability: up to 5 000 tons per year.
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