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Sieving of coal for pulverized burning
    The overwhelming proportion of the world's coal is crushed for combustion in boiler thermal power plant. From how pulverized coal depends on the efficiency and power efficiency. At present, coal is used for grinding ball mills and mill-fans, but they all have drawbacks. The main disadvantage of mills, from our point of view, is the uneven grinding of coal. Large size distribution of the particles causes increased wear on equipment nozzles, and large coal particles do not have time to burn completely in the boiler forming a mechanical incomplete combustion. Known plant where coal is burned only 70-80%. This coal is lost forever. Across Russia, CIS and the world - this is a huge number.

A simple calculation on the example of a relatively modern electric power station on the coals of the Kuznetsk coal basin.
In the year that burned 3.5 million tons of coal. Suppose that the cost of coal is 2,000 rubles / ton. The average content of mechanical incomplete combustion is 10% (according to our own measurements from 8% to 17%). The annual volume of ash at the power plant is 600 000 tonnes.
It turns out that for a year powerhouse "throws" together with ash 60,000 tons of coal, and it is a little little as 15 trains! The cost of lost coal accounted for only about $ 4 million. The maximum demand of the power plant in coal is 500 tons / hour. According to the technical literature coal particles larger than 200 microns are not desirable and must weed out. The cost solutions for fine sieving coal to kind of performance many times less power loss, not to mention the low cost of maintenance, which consists mainly of replacement screens.

And do not forget the extra load on electrostatic, for pipes through which the ash is transported to the ash dump, the energy lost by the partial grinding of coal, it is heated in a boiler, etc.
In the end, low-ash unburned carbon is much more valuable to the construction industry.

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