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High-performance screening machine for fine powders
For high-performance screening of fine powders into fractions, our company has developed a sieve machine with non-blinding screens. Sieve machine has the following advantages over other:
- Many times higher performance than any vibrating sieve, shaker and over screening
- Small size
- Real green frendly - there is no need for electricity for bulk powders
- There is no noise, vibration and dust
- Low sensitivity to moisture content
- Excellent sieving as ultra-light (less than 50 kg/m³) and heavy powders (up to 5 t/m³)
- The life of non-clogging screens much longer traditional sieves
- Low cost of ownership

Qualifier allows obtaining from two to 10 fractions simultaneously. Supplied with non-clogging sieve that are generating fraction of -100 µm to 3-5 mm. For almost instant powders, meet the high-performance screening sieve clogging the original design with a long service life. Non-clogging sieve produced in-house facilities on the original technology.

Qualifier and its components are made of stainless alloy and is therefore not subject to corrosion. Sieving machine completely explosion proof and can operate in adverse temperature and increased feedstock at any site, including coal mines. Outputs for fractions can be arbitrary.

Classifier can replace screens, vibrating screens, air-rotary and other classifiers that serve to produce the desired fractions: 0-100 µm, 0-125 µm, 0-150 µm, 0-200 µm, 0-300 µm, 300-500 µm , 500-800 µm, and up to 3-5 mm.

Applications (all of the following materials successfully tested on our screens):

- Sieving of dry mortar sand on any classes
- Sieving of dry silica sand on any classes
- The classification of dry molding sand for foundries
- Screening of garnet sand for water jet cutting and sandblasting and over abrasives
- Sieving of dry limestone (limestone powder)
- The classification of salt (halite)
- Screening of non-metallic materials
- Screening of mineral powder for road construction
- Sieving crushed coal to the power station and coke
- Screening of cenospheres, microspheres, fly ash
- Separation of sand from clay
- Screening of fertilizers
- Screening of expanded perlite
- Screening of exfoliated vermiculite
- Sieving flour, cereals, grains
- Washing and sieving of other similar properties and composition of the powders
- Sieving powder fertilizers, potash, and phosphate salts
- Screening the crushed ore
- Sieving powder catalysts
- Sizing the components of dry construction mixtures
- Screening of crushed limestone and dolomite
- Screening of glass powders
- Screening of crumb rubber
- Screening of graphite

Video clearly demonstrates screening of powder without the use of electricity using non-clogging screens.


Energy consumption per screening is not required for uniform flow in a sieve materials with very poor flow ability set feeder.

Fractional composition of the input to the classifier: any
Fractions output 0-100 µm, 0-125 µm, 0-150 µm, 0-200 µm, 100-200 µm, 200-500 µm, 500-800 µm, from 1 mm to 5 mm, in order to 3-5 mm.
Quantity of deck: from 1 to 5.

Do not buy equipment for the screening powders - buy solution for screening: send a request, do not forget to specify characteristics of the feedstock, the faction, especially powder, productivity per hour. Production time and delivery of the classifier on average 20-45 days. We have a special offer for customers from distant countries.

Performance any sieving machine, depending on the material and the resulting fractions may be 0.1 tons per hour up to 100 tons/hour.

Sieving machine 10 tph
Sieving machine 1500 kg/h
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