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Distributed multi-generation of clean coal energy
We bring to your attention our new article: distributed multi-generation of high-net energy from solid fuels to the concept of sustainable development.

Annotation New integrated conception for distributed generation on the base of low ranked coals is proposed. The critical analysis of carbon dioxide related climate changes is done. Preliminary special preparation of finely pulverized solid fuels with inorganic additives and combustion in oxygen enriched air at high temperatures reactors allows fabrication of carbon-free ceramic and/or glass microspheres in one process with energy generation. New intermediate temperature membranes on the base of low cost nanocermets have been suggested for separation of oxygen from air by ITM-technology. The careful cleanup of boiler gases from SOx, NOx, volatile elements by combination of filters and finally in greenhouse provides the utilization of heat wastes and carbon dioxide in agriculture production. The clean coal combustion technology makes possible to dispose residencies close to power plant with maximal degree of heat utilization. According to market prices, the major product is microspherical filler, the minor products are electric energy, heat energy and carbon dioxide. Balanced scheme provides stable production of a cheap electric energy in optimal mode in spite of distributed generation. The flexibility of scheme is provided by lighting of greenhouses, fabrication of oxygen, compressed air and charging of accumulators, including ones for electric vehicles. Proposed integrated no wastes conception satisfies to criteria’s for sustainable development and stimulates green solutions in other fields.

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