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Ceramic Nanopowders
    Our company offers the manufacture of its raw materials and customer following nanopowders:

1. Silicon сarbide SiC
2. Molybdenum carbide Mo₂C
3. Vanadium carbide VC
4. Chrome carbide CrC
5. Niobium carbide NbC
6. Cerium carbide CeC₂
7. Titanium carbide TiC
8. Tungsten carbide WC
9. Carbide тантала TaC
10. Niobium carbide NbC
11. Boron carbide B₄C
12. Zirconium carbide ZrC
13. Siliside магния (Mg₂Si) - has not yet proposed (pyrophoric)
14. Siliside бария BaSi
15. Chrome siliside CrSi
16. Cerium siliside CeSi₂
17. Boron nitride BN
18. Cerium nitride CeN
19. Aluminum nitride AlN
20. Titanium nitride TiN
21. Silikon nitride Si₃N₄
22. Magnesium nitride Mg₃N₂
23. Zirconium nitride ZrN
24. Molybdenum boride MoB
25. Vanadium boride VB₂
26. Tungsten boride W₂B₅
27. Titanium boride TiB₂
28. Niobium boride NbB₂
29. Chrom boride CrB
30. Cerium boride CeB₆
31. Zirconium boride ZrB₂
32. Zirconium oxide Zr0₂
and over nanopowder

Perhaps some cladding nickel (Ni) nanopowders.

Cost of nanopowders from 100 USD and over for 100g. excluding the cost of raw materials and delivery. The minimum order - 100g. Isometric particle shape.
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