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    Creating composites with better properties at the same time components of the material components, is the most urgent area in materials science. Composites with interpenetrating structures created by nature (eg, bone, chitinous shell, etc.) have a unique combination of properties, combining the flexibility and strength components. Note that 10 years ago it was not known approaches to the creation of interpenetrating ceramic composites.

The method of creating such composites in each case is unique, tied to the properties of individual components. For example, interpenetrating composites of superhard nitrides or borides with copper, with high wear resistance and electrical conductivity, obtained by spark-plasma sintering (thermal sintering in an electric field to form a plasma on the contacts of conductive particles). Creating interpenetrating composites of different polymers, metals, possibly in liquid or melt at a specific organization of polymerization processes (cooling). Interpenetrating 3D composites to maximize combine both the properties of both materials, often in the range of compositions, far from the percolation threshold in irregular (random) composites.

Our firm has a number of technological solutions to create a wide variety of composite materials with desired properties. We invite you to cooperate with interested organizations.
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