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Manufacturers pay for garbage
  The state wants to encourage recycling.

Producers can receive tax credits for recycling and reuse their own waste, but, in turn, should be responsible for recycling their products. A bill drafted Ministry of Environment. Experts rely on the experience of foreign countries where such laws are successfully working. However, jump to conclusions should not - refuse to complete landfill no one is going.

"To date, legislation and economic issues only declared, but in fact there is no real tax benefits for recycling", - says head of the management of waste MoEnv Sergei Psyurnichenko. Now a legal entity - a generator of waste is responsible, including financially, for the volume of waste to be disposed of. Companies are developing limits on waste disposal and pay for their burial. "But since, in our opinion, the payment rates are not very high, then businesses do not have serious physical reasons for reducing the volume of waste disposed," - the official said.

In order to encourage producers, Ministry of Nature suggests canceling or reducing the tax on profits from sales of products obtained from processing waste, and give tax breaks on land and on property used in the organization of waste treatment facilities. "Recycling is incredibly good, - said the head of the toxic program Greenpeace Russia Alexey Kiselev. - It not only reduces pollution, saves resources, but also provides new jobs. "

The new bill proposes to fill the gap and put the responsibility of enterprises for recycling, disposal or dumping of produced or imported products. In this case the Ministry recognizes that additional obligations on processing likely will affect the value of the product to the customer. This principle, called the "Green Dot", is implemented in most European countries, said in a memorandum to the bill.

But how will be worked out specific details, talk is premature, said a Ministry of Environment. "The bill has yet to harmonize the relevant authorities, and in particular the Ministry of Finance", - warned Mr. Psyurnichenko. "Legislative bridge, which would oblige manufacturers include their products in the processing is necessary - believe Mr. Kiselev. - The processors will applaud this law. "

However, this law can be difficult, experts believe. "The proposed legislative changes until fairly declarative, raw and non-system, - says the president of the Association of recycling waste Mikhail Malkov. - Above them there is still a lot of work as the authorities and business. " "For the success of such a system requires a chain of society - business - government - said Mr. Kiselev. - If the mayor of Moscow has devoted one of his Saturday trip recycling problems, the situation could soon change. "
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