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New low-rise Russia
    Brief description of the project submitted by the company "Nanopowder Technology
Description of goods, technologies, products, services
A method is proposed for solving the housing, social and environmental challenges through the rapid construction of seasonal semi-eco-settlements with sustainable type of development, with minimal use of nonrenewable resources. Affordable comfortable accommodation in Russia with a lot of negative features is possible only when a fast (for a season of 5-6 months, otherwise the price automatically doubles) and organized the construction of individual low-rise buildings in the eco-villages with infrastructure. This requires the simultaneous production of basic materials on site on a local mini-technologies and the construction of a single graphic with the scientific organization of labor, ie the organization of building the pipeline. For the production of basic materials for non-stationary mini-stroykombinate, which includes the minimum set of equipment for derevooobrabotki, press molding straw blocks, concrete unit with equipment for the preparation of binders, ceramic line with a mini-press for extrusion and oven, using local raw materials and waste. The soil excavated for the basement of Technology, is used for the production gruntoblokov straight at home for pastovoy technology. From the soil with additives produced furring brick and tiles. New technologies for materials based on interdisciplinary knowledge, and include improved raw materials and waste management with polyfunctional technology Elektromassklassifikator. In house projects and construction organization applies a large set of ordinary compatible solutions that reduce both the time and cost of construction and use: moderate involvement of developers, continuous casting of concrete in the foundation of a fixed timbering from zoloarbolitnogo insulation, wood frame with non-combustible inserts filled evacuated thatched blocks , foil tent over the house during construction, high insulation barrier with a large mass of internal walls for heat storage, the beams for the ceiling, "railroad" the shuttle for delivery of materials and raw materials on site, "smart" windows, bioreactor, etc. Construction does not require heavy equipment. Instead of the usual communications - water, sewer, heating and electrical network in 5-10 years, the house sold a combination of engineering systems with the effect of synergy: Accumulation of the sun's heat in the walls of gruntoblokov rezurvuary and water collection and treatment of rain water for technical needs, separate collection and treatment of sewage for irrigation in the summer of the plot, bioreactor processing organic waste into compost, forced ventilation with clean air and heated in winter, heat pumps and fireplaces as a backup heat source. The settlement will be made a reasonable division of labor management "smart" house of the village center and the residence itself. Master Plan Eco-Village will be developed for a specific site, taking into account the access road, the optimal installation location of unsteady mini-stroykombinata, topography and orientation to the sun. Unsuitable for residential areas of residences - the northern side streets will be used for construction of buildings to serve the eco-village and small-business performed in the same style and with the same high standards of energy efficiency (without the heat of combustion of fuel at an average annual temperature of the area is not below 0  C). An essential attribute of the eco-village will be modern communication systems and the Internet, computer-center management and protection, as well as monitoring the external environment for the effective (low cost), the concept of "smart" home.
Description of Product Marketing
Currently, the primary market of housing in the offer price of apartment in 1,5 or more times greater than the costs in that effective demand is already very low, and costs much too high. On the secondary market, usually heavily outdated, a lot of problems associated with inefficient public utilities, worn communications, high operating costs, high risks. Modern comfortable accommodation "rural character" in the private cottage villages near the mega-cities completely inaccessible majority of the population, including and operating costs. The construction of luxury housing with low operating costs in Russia today, in principle, is not. Buying a home is not available "average" family. The housing market in Russia strongly deformed: the quality of housing in major cities is very different from the provinces, especially from the rural home with amenities in the yard and the need for daily heating, which leads to migration to cities and depopulation of the accelerated disappearance of the province - a trend opposite the U.S. and Europe . The niche market of building a modern and comfortable and accessible (by minimizing the costs and use of innovative low-rise housing) with low operating costs in Russia is completely free. Moreover, it can not fill in the blind copying method of construction with the advanced market of countries with different climatic conditions, infrastructure, civil society, etc.
Description of the organization of the project and to market
To market the final product - the seasonal mass of the individual, but also organized the construction of a semi-autonomous or eco-towns need to construct the first demonstration village near Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk, and since working here the main project participants have sufficient intellectual capacity to design and adaptation of innovation, climate and other conditions are close to the average for Russia. It is here that studied local resources - soil with several potential sites, local non-commercial deposits of clay, shale, waste, energy - lignite ash ash from thermal power station-3 of Novosibirsk (the raw material for binding the ash), coal ash ash CHP-5 (additive for ceramics and concrete additives in the production gruntoblokov). Houses are constructed with the use of compressed straw as insulation. To quickly - for the season - building the first eco-village requires 2 years of training, which includes the following items: 1) choose the site for a demonstration eco-village, 2) to develop, manufacture and test equipment for the implementation of mini-technologies of production of basic building materials - concrete for foundations and local roads, gruntoblokov for walls, pressed blocks of straw in a vacuum-packed, facing hollow brick and tile, zoloarbolita - cheap insulation for the foundations of derevoothodov and waste ash ash, and 3) produce and test samples of new materials using soil from the selected sites and local resources to conduct their attestation and certification, 4) determine the performance of the hardware and the real need for service personnel, consumption of electricity, water and other resources, 5) develop a basic house designs based on new materials from local raw material resources, to define freeform Material Requirement 6) Develop an hourly schedule for the simultaneous production of materials and construction of the settlement in light of the performance parameters of the equipment needs during the construction of houses, and productivity of seasonal workers and developers, the capacity of the village "railway", 7) to develop and manufacture engineering equipment for the home, ensuring the absence of communications - water, sewer, central heating, 8) to conduct a more precise calculations of the model of "smart" building with energy efficiency, water consumption, output parameters of the balance of the project at home, taking into account excavate and materials requirements based on it 9) develop a project of building the eco-village of 20-26 houses in the selected area with the requirements of the music to raw materials and supplies; 10) to prepare the site for construction - a markup, to prepare the living conditions of seasonal construction workers, to bring electricity and supply substation make the access road, move seasonal materials (ash ash, straw, wood), 11) to carry out a full set of equipment, tools, work clothes, etc., necessary for construction without delay; 12) to conclude agreements with individual developers, in so h. determine the form and time of their possible involvement in the building; 13) to the recruitment and training of personnel involved in the construction season, 14) to develop a cost estimate for each individual house builders - participants in the experiment, and the payment schedule, taking into account the possible lack of available funds. When replicating the project in other areas require 3-4 quarter pre-training and adaptation of technologies.
The main obstacles in implementing the project
The principal obstacle in the implementation of the project is the land law and the prevailing corrupt practices of providing land. Even the middle class, cheaper to buy ready-made villa overlooking the sea in warm countries than buying the same money the land of dubious environmental reputation in Russia, which takes place en masse.
The big problem is the start of the project, because necessary investments in R & D and 2-year preparation for the construction of about 15 million rubles. In a country without a market innovation infrastructure against the background of total corruption, to find even such a modest investment is a challenge. When you create all the necessary base for the construction of a demonstration project, samples of materials, a calculated schedule, a set of engineering equipment for the home, etc., the problem of attracting individual builders solved easily. Furthermore, for faster and sustainable human settlements development will be selected among the developers. Issues of distrust of people, especially for new products that do not have analogs in the world, you can decide if it is transparent financial scheme, and as a result they will get better and cheaper housing because of the obvious benefits of new technologies and reasonable approach. Moreover, the best option is to attract the first developers as partners in any form. The financial difficulties must be added the specific problems of the mentality of people who are not used to save water. The house is laid water consumption level of about 30 cubic meters per year - that average. For a comfortable stay in the house with such a relatively limited consumption should be a reasonable approach to the selection of household appliances. To reduce the consumption of industrial water on the scale of the village is planned to create the appropriate settlement infrastructure (eg, laundry and car wash). For exceeding the planned volume of consumption of water from rainfall, you have to pay, because water will bring. Tanks for water in the basement of the house are limited - they are elements of building structures. Drinking water - food product, it must be purchased in supermarkets or make wholesale purchases from the manufacturer for the inhabitants of the eco-village.
The main advantages of the project
Russia's economy, with rare exceptions, not competitive. In addition to a bureaucracy associated with the subjective reasons, there are some objective reasons - the huge operational costs and risks relative to other countries, distance from major consumers and poor transport infrastructure. Living in homes, mostly had inherited from the Soviet Union, despite their poor quality and unsatisfactory overall environmental situation, it becomes too expensive an increasing number of citizens. Three out of four Russians would like to live in his house even though there is no example of good homes that meet modern requirements. These people are potential developers, ie normal business risks with innovations in this field are minimized due to the astronomical largest potential market. Business, even with a geometric progression of growth will not feel the saturation of demand for decades. A number of advantages of staying in their homes in eco-towns is so obvious that it requires no proof.
1. Minimum maintenance costs, while the presence of a number of opportunities for obtaining food or extra income. In fact, the mere association with the diffuse property - homes, garages, cottages, cellars, dramatically improves the quality of life.
2. The presence in the house a warm garage for 2 cars, which is an integral part of the house, performing the role of the thermal buffer dramatically reduces the cost of transport, its safety and durability.
3. At his home in the eco-village without any problems even while staying 3 generations.
4. View from the window on the American image is half the value of the house. In ekoposelke "road" view from the window is formed initially at the stage of site selection, and by designing and building - on a single comprehensive plan with a seasoned architectural style and improve the environment. Impartial view of conventional cottage settlements of individual building with no infrastructure, where the construction does not stop for decades, but the style of speech does not even go - the best proof.

The advantages of homes in eco-village, which appear through innovation.
1. Comprehensive security, starting with the ordinary safety from crime, to independence from accidents on the sea lanes, some natural disasters (heavy frosts). The great advantage of living in the eco-house is connected with a clean atmosphere, comparable to conventional housing, which is achieved not only has room for the construction (since the communication is not needed, the choice is practically unlimited in most parts of Russia), but also fresh air ventilation, and a giant mass absorbent material inside the house - finely dispersed clay minerals in the unburned gruntoblokah.
2. Modern, reliable, ie without the usual "risk" of communications, infrastructure, and at once - start construction in spring and the fall of the village is ready for living. This allows a fundamentally different way to organize the work and life - without unnecessary trips on bad roads and endless standing in traffic jams. Quality of life, even with the same cash income triple. Even today, most modern higher education can be obtained without leaving home - in the Modern Humanitarian Academy via the Internet. For many modern professions required by your house with communications and internet access simultaneously solves the problem of job creation.

Benefits of eco-settlements, which will manifest over time and will play a key role.
1. Eco-settlements with sustainable type of development does not put pressure on the environment. Many wastes, common in cities, no, but for the rest of the technology of their separate collection and processing of market-based materials, or products or laid initially, or ready for the technologies to process them. Even the emission of carbon dioxide that would fall under the Kyoto Protocol, will be minimized because actually reserve heating will be conducted primarily in the firewood - stored solar energy. In the mass construction of eco-settlement will be in demand are relatively small sources of energy of a new type, where heat and energy from the burning of coal will be by-products from high-temperature materials (super-cements, fillers, etc.), ie designed and built will have a balanced set of modern ecological production, energy-efficient low-rise housing with full use of all resources.
2. Eco-Village will claim the latest developments, primarily domestic, in a wide range of goods and services (approximately 40% of GDP), ie they will be the locomotive of effective demand, and hence the development of market economy. For example, will demand radical innovations in the field of energy. Existing residential sector, fully in the power of monopolies and through controversial legislation, is immune to innovation.
3. Fuel crisis, it is absolutely inevitable after one or two decades (hydrocarbon fundamentally limited), will not affect residents of eco-settlements, because their development after the launch will go towards the full autonomy of energy. The main consumer of energy in the nocturnal period will recharge batteries in electric hybrid cars, which not only began to mass-produced, but will be quickly replaced in the next few years, ordinary cars with petrol or diesel. At least two cars in the family will reduce costs and to respond flexibly to the needs - long-distance travel on gasoline, because there is an infrastructure refills, neighbors - on hybrid cars with lithium batteries or biofuels infrastructure in the Eco-Village. For the production of bio-fuels can be used by their own sources of raw materials - organic waste, which will be processed using the latest membrane technology.
4. Every building has its own lifetime. In this perspective, home eco-towns is absolutely no competition. Even in the passive version of the eco-house does not leave marks in the environment 20-30 years after the operation. In order not to create problems for future generations, it is most reasonable, even the windows do not plastic - polyvinyl chloride, which subsequently will inevitably lead to the formation of dioxins, and from the tree. This is slightly more expensive today (with an increase in demand for wood windows is the difference in prices leveled), but much better with all the other points of view. What will happen to the mega-cities such as Novosibirsk, which is only 100 years of existence, only solid household and industrial wastes have dirtied the environment for tens of kilometers around? In Dubai, for example, skyscrapers are built with 20-30 years of service with the subsequent dismantling, because even in their climate, further operation became unprofitable.
5. No need for a conventional lanes, except for roads, will contribute to the settlement and development of large empty areas in the Russian Federation, is not covered by the electricity grid. When you save: a) existing in the country and world demographic trends, b) outdated approaches to the construction, c) the rate of environmental destruction, the very existence of the Russian state - the issue of 2-3-x generations. Even today, the two regions of Russia already live under their own laws with regard to tax revenues - the basis for the state. In the absence of visible progress in the country centrifugal processes of disintegration will gain strength.
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