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Dry milling and enrichment of coal
    In recent years, become activated by the new directions in the coal energy. Emerging technology solutions for the gasification of coal, produced water and coal based fuel (WCF) and special equipment for its combustion. All these new technologies require a higher quality of coal, minimal ash, narrow size distribution, often very fine grinding of coal - up to one micron.
Our company offers solutions for the simultaneous grinding and dry coal preparation based EMC.

Enrichment built on the principle of election refinability minerals and coal. Coal is a soft and fragile, so it is easier to grind and out of EMC in the form separate from the mineral fraction.
advantage of EMC for grinding of coal in this case is the possibility of EMC in any inert atmosphere with a minimum consumption of gas for the safety of dry ultrafine grinding.

We obtained the following results of enrichment processing in micro EMC, mode soft grinding. Large oval particles remaining in the cell generation, represent a more stable education. Determination of ash produced after heating to 900C with exposure of 10-20 minutes.

Brown coal Kansk-Achinsk basin.
The fraction> 0.5 mm> 0.1 mm CF SF TF STF Dust Source
Output 23.85 19.65 13.02 13.56 23.85 5.0 1.08 100
Ash 8.11 7.25 16.67 12.52 12.07 12.11 13.65 10.09

Coal Kuznetsk Basin.
The fraction> 0.5 mm> 0.1 mm CF FF SF STF Dust Source
Output 18.64 18.67 9.0 40.08 8.08 4.80 0.72 100
Ash 12.51 8.18 10.74 10.17 10.30 10.22 11.88 10.3

CF - a large fraction of the order of 100-80 microns
SF - average fraction of less than 60 microns
FF - fine fraction less than 20 microns
STF - hyperfine fraction of less than 5 microns

It is worth noting that in the process of conducting experiments on the enrichment of coal were carried out research on the morphological structure of coals. Summing up the results of the experiment, we can say that the enrichment of the fine-grained coal for its further combustion in the boilers of thermal power has no meaning for these grades of coal. The submitted samples of coal consisted essentially composites of very fine mineral inclusions in a matrix of carbon.
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