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The book "Fly ash - technogenic raw material"
    We offer you the book "Fly ash - technogenic raw material" written by a team of our company. The book while you can only us. Copies of the book was 1,000 copies, volume - 320 pages book is in stock. The cost of this book is 100 USD.

Customers who have purchased the study of fly ash, available free of charge one copy of the book.
Contents of the book:

Terms, symbols, abbreviations
Chapter 1. The main types of ash carryover and regulations
Chapter 2. The chemical composition of ash
2.1. Hard coal ash
2.1.1. Key elements
2.1.2. Microelement composition
2.2. Brown coal ash
2.2.1. Key elements
2.2.2. Microelement composition
2.3. Ashes from the low-temperature fluidized bed boilers
Chapter 3. Phase composition
3.1. Hard coal ash
3.2. Brown coal ash
3.3. Ashes from the low-temperature fluidized bed boilers
Chapter 4. The morphology of ash particles
4.1. Fly ash from coal
4.2. Fly ash from brown coal
4.3. Ashes from the low-temperature fluidized bed boilers
Chapter 5. Components fly ash
5.1. Cenospheres
5.1.1. Determination and resources
5.1.2. Formation Mechanism
5.1.3. Parameters cenospheres
5.1.4. Chemical composition
5.1.5. Phase composition of cenospheres
5.1.6. The morphology of cenospheres
5.1.7. Radioactivity
5.1.8. Applications cenospheres
5.2. Magnetospheres
5.2.1. Determination and resources
5.2.2. Chemical composition
5.2.3. Phase composition and structure
5.2.3. Morphology magnetospheres
5.2.4. The internal morphology of magnetospheres
5.2.6. Radioactivity
5.2.7. Potential areas of application magnetospheres
5.3. Coke
5.3.1. Determination and resources
5.3.2. Chemical composition
5.3.2. Characterization of coke structural methods
5.3.3. Morphology of coke
5.3.4. Applications
Chapter 6. Environmental problems associated with the products of burning coal
6.1. The overall situation and status
6.2. Status of steam coal in Russia
6.3. Atmospheric emissions
6.4. The problems of ash disposal
6.5. The problem of radioactivity
Chapter 7. Traditional approaches to recycling and improve the evils of ablation
7.1. The volume of production and utilization trends
7.1.1. Dispose of concrete and related materials
7.1.2. Recycling in glass production
7.1.3. Other areas of waste ash ash (non-commercial use)
7.2. Refining and improving the evils of ablation
7.2.1. Status
7.2.2. Dry fly ash processing
Chapter 8. Integrated processing of fly ash
8.1. Hard coal ash Grade 1
8.1.1. Minimum dry processing of extracting fine fractions
8.1.2. Integrated dry processing
8.1.3. Full complex processing of fly ash
8.1.4. The potential of fly ash for extraction of rare earth metals
8.2. Brown coal ash Grade 2
8.3. Fly ash Class 3 with low-temperature fluidized bed boilers
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