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The influence of the ash fractions on the strength of concrete
  In December of this year, our company has completed studies on the effect of various fractions of ash on the strength of Benon.


1. Separation of ash into fractions profitable: the alpha and delta improves concrete is better than the original ash, with the addition of 30-40% by weight (only slightly worse than 50:50). Removal of super-alpha and the coarse fraction with coke compensate each other.

2. Replacing alpha cement up to 30% by weight improves concrete, taking into account the lower density (cubic meters of concrete for sale) - half of the cement.

3. Sand can be changed in the delta to 50-66% by weight with the improvement of the concrete.

4. Separation of fly ashes on the fraction of consumers and provides diversification to the production of particularly high quality concrete with replacement of cement super-alpha - analog mikrokremnezema, but cheaper and easier to handle.

All that will not demand as a filler of polymers, will be consumed in the concrete mixtures of high quality.
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