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The designs executed on the basis of EMC
    The international designs:

- ISTC №3234 "Working out highly effective oxygen-making of membranes and desksize generators of pure synthesis gas on their basis"

- INTAS 01-2162 «Nanocrystal dense oxidic materials in quality compound flow membranes for effective conversion of methane in synthesis gas air oxygen, fundamental bases of synthesis by modern methods and the factors defining their perfection»


- 02-03-33330-а «Kinetics and the mechanism of reactions mechanochemistry synthesis nanocrystal difficult oxides in threefold systems and properties of dense functional ceramics on their basis»

- 06-03-32131 «Design selective multilayered oxide ceramics membranes»

- 07-03-12151-OFI «Working out and creation new high-conductivity membranes from composite nanostructured materials on the basis of acid salts of alkali metals for medium-temperature combustion cells»

The integration design

- The Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science + Academy of Science Ukraine № 95 «Design of functional materials for solid oxide combustion cells on the basis of zirconium oxide, additive scandium»

The state contract

№ 02.513.11.3035 on a prize 7 «Technology of creation of membranes and catalytic systems» the code number "2007-3-1.3-28-01-538" "Technology of creation of membranes and catalytic systems»

Scientific and technical contracts VIAM” FSUE

Research «Working out of methods of introduction in composition carbon nanostructures, their dispergations and disaggregation with the help Electromassclassifier (EMC)» (the contract № 1636-4-4 from 1.04.04г.)

Research «Working out of methods of introduction in composition binding IP-5 carbon nanostructures for the purpose of increase of its thermooxidizing firmness». (The contract № 05-3-8/2235-5-5)

Commercial research

"The study of fly ash from coal power plant Trinity Ekibastuz for its possible complex processing".

"Study of fly ash ablation Reftinskaya TPP for its possible complex processing."

"Study of gas cleaning dusts from the production of ferrochrome for its complex processing.

"Study of disintegrating slags from the production of ferrochrome for complex processing.
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