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Participation in the All-Russia conference on fly ash processing
  The director of company Nanopowder Technology Ltd has taken part in the All-Russia conference on problems of processing of the fly ash which has passed on June, 10-11th in Novosibirsk.

At conference which has taken place for the first time for 15 years, reports of the various companies specialising on working out and application of technologies of use of a fly ash in building materials have been presented. Among participants also there were experts of several OGK and TGK. Questions on licensing of all works connected with use of ashes of ablation and slags of thermal power stations have been especially evolved.

The current situation in power branch has shown especially high demand in the market of technologies on practical application of a fly ash and slags and obvious deficiency new, economically justified, technologies of processing.

As a matter of fact, the power companies have appeared are not too interested in working out and acquisition of technologies and the equipment for ashes processing. Moreover, the word processing practically is not applied to a fly ash. Today majority OGK and TGK have created or create the companies which purpose to create the market of ashes of ablation, to realise it, and to implant new technologies and spheres of application of a fly ash and slags.

Serious problems at processing of ashes of ablation had been named the following factors, having to be on the overwhelming majority coal thermal power stations of Russia:

Absence of systems on dry selection of ashes of ablation

The high maintenance of the unburnt coal in ashes, at times to 20 %

Not homogeneous and not stable on composition of ashes of ablation

High cost of licensing and the extremely out-of-date requirements

The high prices for ashes of ablation in case of its demand because of monopolism in the regional market

Absence of interest of the state in stimulation of the productions solving a problem of processing and salvaging of a fly ash

Participation in the yielded conference has confirmed more and more increasing urgency of a problem of application of a fly ash and a demand of technologies on processing of the fly ash, offered by our firm.

At the same time, the yielded conference has shown very much low level of knowledge of many participants in a question, that from itself represent ashes of ablation and slags. Also no other ranges of application of harms of ablation, except building have been offered participants: for production of easy aerocretes and it is simple concrete.

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