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    Perfection of materials is impossible without perfection of technologies of reception of high-quality raw materials. It concerns practically to any branch and the industry.

Let's result some examples:

High-quality, homogeneous for particle size, filler for coating compositions allows to receive not only very qualitative paint, hiding power possessing high properties, and in some cases heat-insulating properties, but also to save thus on expensive pigments.

By production of easy concrete the aluminium bronze is used. Thus efficiency of interaction of particles of aluminium with reagents directly influences the aluminium bronze expense. Use of close-cut fraction aluminium powders allows to react to maximally considerable quantity of particles with peak efficiency, thereby to reach the minimum expenses both for reagents and for powder.

The price for microspheres (cenospheres, ceramic microspheres), be they glass, or silica-alumina, directly depends on degree of their cleanliness and distribution on the size. If the price of the crude microspheres which collected on a surface ash dump and have been dried up? Makes about 0.8 usd./kg the price of microspheres which are classified on close-cut fractions, are cleared of a dust and foreign substances, can reach more than 20-30usd./kg.

Therefore our firm schedules shortly to render services in industrial purification, recleaning, separation, classification, beating practically any materials on own areas and the equipment, using only raw materials of the customer.
thereby giving consumers the best service and the best quality in the absence of investments the customer in the equipment for listed above operations with dry materials.

Now we can already carry out separation and classification of any powders.
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