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Separation of toners
Production of toners for laser printers and photocopiers is interfaced to a number of technological complexities of process of separation of thin particles in the size less than 10 microns.
There are various productions technology of a toner.
One of ways: the toner is made of the smallest parts of oxide of iron, covered with polymer. It can be black or colour (happens cyan, magenta, yellow).
The second way: the toner becomes a method of "hot fusion" pigment and plastic resins, formation of solid threads which then disintegrated on small particles in diameter to 7 micron.
Company Xerox has developed essentially other technology of reception of the toner, consisting in controllable cultivation from a molecular scale of particles of a toner of the necessary size, the form and structure. As a result they can receive particles of theoretically spherical form which sizes do not exceed 3-5 microns.
In independence of a way of production of a toner, there is a problem in reception of maximally high uniformity of toner. This problem experts sew firms are ready to solve for producers.
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