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Production plant on fly ash waste-handling
    Specialists of our corporation had been developed and designed a production plant on complex waste-handling of harms of the entrainment gained from bituminous coal. The production plant square compounds 400m2 together with storage hoppers. Full capacity of a production plant compounds 10 tons of ash at an o'clock and can be easily augmented. Operation round-the-clock work is possible.

Production plant cost together with all equipment compounds 1 million USD including a base bid of a hangar and loading pockets. The price does not include cost of the licence and can be inflected depending on cost of materials in your country.

The basic idea of salvaging of ash consists in separation of dry ash of entrainment by means of technique EMC (Electromassclassifier) on various fractions, the amount of fractions can reach to 10, depending on an aspect of ash and the necessary consumer properties. In an ash separation process on fraction the unburnt coal and coke parts, thereby sharply upgrading commodities deposits.

The principal advantage of our technics: dry ash is worked overtime in a dry aspect without water use, unlike other proposals.

Power inputs for waste-handling of one ton of ash compound about 10 kw.
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