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Score concentratibility copper ore
    "Score concentratibility copper ore for the provision of copper-zinc bearing minerals dry mechanical methods through the use of EMC technology.

Object of study: crushed copper-zinc ore from Urals, sample № 1 thin crushing and sample № 2 large crushing.


Determination of capacity allocation copper and zinc-containing minerals from the ore dry methods using technology Elektromassklassifier and other devices.


Elemental analysis, chemical analysis, X-ray analysis, thermal analysis, optical microscopy, laboratory cages, including Elektromassklassifier (EMC), Electroseparators (ES), a magnetic separator with permanent magnets FeNdB-alloy (MS), a magnetic tribo adhesion separator, tribo adhesion separator (TAS), magnetic photo-adhesive separator (FotoMAS), sieves, vibrating table, aero vibro table.

Chemical and X-ray analysis showed the main ore minerals: quartz, pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, chlorite, mica. Silver and gold are associated mainly with chalcopyrite and pyrite. Elaborated a magnetic circuit extraction through oxidative roasting, which has a good extraction of copper and zinc bad, accompanied by the formation of oxides of sulfur. More promising is an electrical circuit using the selective operation of electric and magnetic separation after drying at 300C, selective grinding, gravity concentration on AeroVS. Projected to receive 10% concentrate on copper and zinc with reduced transport costs by 2 times to the recovery> 70% using the new devices - the electric MAC and AeroVS provided optimal crushing and effective dust control.

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