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Production plant on fly ash waste-handling
    Now our corporation has completed projection of a production plant to waste-handling of ash of entrainment from the thermal power station, working bituminous coal with ash content to 30 %.

On a production plant was possiblly to tap following commodity:

Ceramic microspheres of following sizes:

From 5 to 35 microns

From 40 to 60 microns

From 70 to 100 microns

The given microspheres have density from above 1 and ideally approach to use in the capacity of filler in plastic, the polyurethanes, special betons, dry blends, paints, facing plasters etc.

Spheric magnetic iron ore


Other yields

In Russia it is the first designed production plant, which one capabilities allow to realise 100 % (on going into raw) ash waste-handling in mercantilely suitable yields.

We invite the investor.
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