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Mills for the manufacture of ceramic nanopowders


Our company has developed unique technology and equipment for the production of ceramic powders. With extensive experience in obtaining nanopowders of oxides and mixed oxides methods Mechanochemistry, we are ready to offer development and delivery of equipment to produce nanopowders with different capacities. The essential difference from most of the proposed solutions on the market for nanopowders is a low cost. Planetary mill original design and used a number of know-how allows to obtain nanopowders of very high quality with very low levels of contamination of raw materials (less than 0.01%). On the line can be obtained nanopowders most solid materials, including tungsten carbide and cubic boron nitride. So, our equipment was obtained nanopowder tungsten carbide with grain sizes of about 10nm, the silicon carbide had a crystallite size of about 50 nm. The data were obtained by the method of Rietveld.


The line averages about 5kg/h. and depends on the requirements for the powder on their composition, the desired fineness. Considering the high abrasiveness of ceramic powders has been developed and implemented a special technology to minimize the muddied powder. The line consists of the mill and classifier EMC. At some materials reached fineness of 9-30 nm. Power consumption is about 10-15kW * hour. Present equipment area is not more than 4 m2.
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