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Microspheres is one of fly ash components received from coal. Microspheres are spheric hollow corpuscles with various width of walls.

They possesses a number of unique properties, extremely expensive to replicate by synthetic method.

Our company has unique technology for a valuable separation of various fly ashes into constituents by different characteristics. This technology allows to receive the required components and simultaneously to realize their separation by necessary characteristics.

By now we finished enterprises’ construction for dry separation of fly ash from thermal power station for receiving the whole series of microspheres with different characteristics.

The technology and our equipment allow to separate microspheres (and not only them) out of fly ash from several micrometre to 0,5 mm.

Microspheres apply practically in many economics branches and areas of application constantly grow. Ideal filler for paints, plastic, polyurethane, betons and over.

We offer to delivery spheric magnetic of various fractions.

Microspheres (Russia)
Microspheres (made in USA)
Magnetit (Fe3O4)
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