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Ultrafine cement
    Ultrafine cement is applied:
1 In the construction of a soil stabilizer and sealing cracks;
2 Ultra-cement can restore the strength of building structures.
2 In the oil and gas industry ultra-thin cement is used as an additive to achieve higher early strength, and for the preparation of solutions for the repair and sealing layers.

On the composition of ultrafine cements are of two types: Type "P" - based on Portland cement (accelerated hardening) and type "R" - with high sulphate resistance (high penetration)

Typically, ultrafine cements are particle size distribution depending on the needs of a particular application of less than 15 microns, less than 10 microns and less than 5 microns.

Technological capabilities of EMC technology allow us to cost-effectively extract the desired particle size of ultrafine cement without any aspiration systems. Contact us to learn more.
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