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Separation of powders and nanopowders
    The division on various grounds powdery material - one of the most popular operations in many industries. Typically, the division (separation) have the size of particles. Standard equipment available on the world market implies separation only in size. However, separation of fine and ultrafine powders on an industrial scale is not practically realized. Proposals on the market separators for the separation ultradispernyh powders are available only with a capacity of equipment to 1-2 kg per hour. The minimum size of particles that are 1-2 microns. For a number of industries and to create new materials, these restrictions are a serious obstacle. Industry settings such separation is also not satisfied.

Our firm provides advice on separation dispernyh and ultrafine powders of interested companies.

We perform services for the classification and characterization of powders and nanopowders of metals, oxides, glass microspheres, aluminosilicate microspheres, the complex composition of powders on the essential characteristics of the customer.

We provide services for the mixing (homogenization) nanopowders with different powders, the quality guarantee.
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