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Services for the analysis of inorganic materials
    Carrying out chemical analysis of various materials, consisting of several compounds, often associated with the complexity of a more precise determination of various elements and compounds in the samples.

Our firm offers services in grinding and classification of materials for which you want to conduct the most accurate analysis.

1. Optic microscopy with digital processing.
2. Electronic microscopy SEM, SEM-EDS.
3. X-ray diffraction XRD.
4. Density.
5. The carbon content LOI.
6. Particles Size Distribution by Laser diffraction.
7. Chemical analysis (silicate analysis).
8. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.
9. The chemical composition of minor elements MS ICP.
10. Differential thermal analysis DTA.
10. Mossbauer spectroscopy.

Smart pray together with separation of particles on different grounds allow for the necessary analysis of matter with utmost precision. This is especially important in creating technologies to work with the poor, non-magnetic ores.

Conducting mineralogical studies.

We provide services for the homogenization of dry nanopowder mixtures of particles with dimension of 30 nm.
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