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To heat power-stations and users of a fly ash of entrainment
    In Russia and world the large quantity of materials, scientific minings, theses is devoted technics of salvaging of harms of entrainment, reports conferences on the given problem etc. Made, the huge totals on a task solution are oozed, however as of today any thermal power station or a state district power station cannot communicate, that at it is solved problems with ash implementation. And to it there are explanations.

Let's try to give the exposition of grounds of the given problem.

There is a number of objective realities:

One and too the operation can use coals of various brands on the same natural gas boiler is result ins to a vacillation of ash of entrainment, that is its makeup can differ radically from each other, that does ash the bad quality yield which is not ensuring a persistence of commodity;

Ash content of coals of various brands can fluctuate from 20 and to 60-80 %, huge volumes from here follow. Specially it became appreciable last years as power consumption grows more sweepingly feeding into powers and the operations of an energy complex which one built first of all for thermal energy production today produce the electric power (that is work on 60-100 % from the capabilities) even in summertime of year;

Natural gas boilers which one are builted for operation in technological regime ЦКС exist and work and ССКС (burning in a fluidized bed), in such natural gas boilers it is possible to incinerate even black earth and peat, but the gained ash (and ash content of such raw can attain 80 %) to salvage or work overtime in suitable yields it is impossible.
On a thermal power station overwhelming majority, ТЭС, state district power stations miss now and have not been envisioned basically by a construction and the documentation of an unloading system of dry ash from electrostatic precepitators to possible users.

Lack of the given system automatically does a problem of salvaging of ash of entrainment on concrete thermal power station not solved problem.

Our corporation tenders to look at this problem on the:

The system of wet ash handling implemented on all without exception thermal power station, influences heat and electric power price, and, as a rule, compounds to 20-30 % from cost for a user.
To begin, unconditionally, it is necessary from making of system of dry selection of ash, that is by means of an air lift to inferred it for breaking points of a building of thermal power station and to give the chance to clients to realise ash batch in cement trucks.

In the practice, some thermal power stations have in the small storage hopper where dry ash acts, but design features of a building of thermal power station do not allow to take out therefrom year-round ash, specially in the winter as it influences a temperature schedule in department. The absorbent capability of such "systems" is also hardly restrained.
Even having built system of dry entrainment of ash it is necessary to reflect where to put such volumes of ash. It is the second problem, one of the most relevant.

The third problem where our corporation tenders concrete solutions, the technics of separation of harms of entrainment (from burning of bituminous coal and lignite coal) is. Close-cut fractions of ash of entrainment are necessary to potential users.

Our corporation realises consultings of potential users, thermal power station, a state district power station about possible use of yields from entrainment ash, makes recommendations on use of technics of dry entrainment of harms.
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