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Ash binder
    In the ashes received on at burning on thermal power station brown coals contains enough considerable quantity of the knitting. The technics Electromassclassifier (EMC), developed by experts of our firm, allows to evolve the fraction containing mainly cindery knitting from fly ash. Allocation of this fraction allows the industrial companies using as filler ashes of ablation, to manufacture better products: foam concretes, aerocretes, etc... at lower cost price.

At use of lignite ashes without allocation of fractions in production falloff of qualitative characteristics, a principal cause available a considerable quantity large particles CaO which cannot react completely at once basically with water is noted. Interreacting in a current of the long period of time with water, is more narrow after concrete setting, they considerably extend, putting in action the mechanism of self-damage of concrete. Also presence negatively influences hardness and durability of concrete in ashes of ablation of a considerable quantity of the unburnt coal which has partially turned to coke. These coal particles having smaller density, than cement and ablation ashes, easily coagulate, promote stratifying of a concrete mix, trap air, reducing hardness of the hardened concrete.

The maintenance of the unburnt coal in fly ash can fluctuate from 1 to 15 %. The technology developed by our firm, allows dry method to remove from ashes of ablation not burnt down coal and coke, and, thereby, to guarantee reception of production with application of cindery knitting highest quality.

It would be desirable to notice, that in ashes of the ablation, the mineral coals received at burning, cindery knitting does not happen! Use of thin fraction of coal ash of ablation in the size to 30 microns as small, to 15 %, the additive in cement as filler is supposed.

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