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Mixing of pharmaceutical components
    In the pharmaceutical industry are widely used powdery substance and excipients. In the process of the tablet dosage forms are powders of different technological stages of treatment - screening, grinding, mixing, granulation, moisture and compaction. The quality of pellets and drug mass, and hence on the quality of tablets, affect a number of factors, including the dispersion of drug substances, the form of particles, humidity. Because of the size of the particles of the substance dependent choice of technology for tablets, the method and equipment necessary for granulation, strength and density of the granules and, consequently, the mechanical properties of the tablets themselves, their disintegration and dissolution.

In our company for a large number of powder materials, including when creating composites technology was developed specifically qualitative homogenization of inhomogeneous composition of powder mixtures. The technology allows users to mix the various components in the not-depending on the particle size, particle shape and proportions to the total mass of the active substance.
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