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Isolation of mechanical underburning
    Allocation of coal from ashes of ablation for upgrading and expansions of spheres of application of ashes of ablation one of the challenges, standing at processing of ashes of ablation for reception of high-quality products. The coal maintenance in ablation ashes can fluctuate from 1 % to 15 %, and in some cases and to 25 %. Complexity of allocation of coal consists that coal particles have the size about 100-300 microns that is comparable to particle sizes of ashes of ablation (1-100 microns). Thus at aerosol creation in EMC particles are charged by a charge with the same potential, as well as ashes particles, as a rule, the positive. Thus these parts of coal are stuck round by cindery parts (glasses). Therefore without procedure of allocation of a dust to remove coal from ashes lump it is impossible, except for a way of reburning of coal.

Researches of fly ash from the various coals, made by us, have led to creation of technology of allocation of coal from fly ash. However process of allocation of coal of ablation ashes goes in various kinds of fly ash with different speed. But this process does not demand the big operational expenses.

For example, from fly ash of the Kuzbass basin coal precipitates out is much better and faster, than from the ashes received at burning of coal of basin Ekibastuzkogo. It is thus noticed, that ashes of Ekibastuzsky basin have centre particle size less, than centre particle size in ashes from coal of Kuznetsk basin. Presence in ashes of ablation of particles of coal and-or not burnt down coke essentially influences possibility of application of ashes of ablation in concrete, cement, пеногазобетоны.

At the raised maintenance in ashes of ablation of particles of not burnt down coal (coke) the probability of fast self-damage of a product with application of ashes of ablation sharply increases. This problem is a little similar to a presence problem in the ashes of ablation received from burning of brown coal, free calcium. But this problem dares quickly enough and cheaply: simple chemistry. And coal chemistry not to remove, the standard approach used in a number of the countries - to manufacture ashes reburning, at temperature over 800 degrees of a particle of coal burn down, and glasses remain without changes. Thus qualitative ashes with the minimum maintenance of coal (as a rule, 1 % not exceeding value) are received. Certainly, the equipment, which thermal power station also influences the maintenance in ashes of not burnt down coal in the West more modern, than in Russia.

Therefore we consider what to use ashes of ablation without its full research and processing in many cases simply dangerously. As is known, many building companies have already refused use of cement of the Chinese production, why? Because very much poor quality, bad beating, is too much indifferent admixtures, including ashes. Thus many Russian generators of cement also add ablation ashes in cement simply as filler, thereby reducing quality of production and its safety. Yes, almost all western generators of cement add in cement ashes, but what? At least, with the minimum maintenance of not burnt down coal, and only after its beating to particle size on the average 20 microns. Unfortunately, the domestic generators which are not testing a competition, using such situation, have additional profits.

In offered our firm of technology of processing of ashes of ablation, the special attention is paid to a question of removal of not burnt down particles of coal. We managed to create such modes of creation of an aerosol and feature of behaviour in it of coal particles that was possible to carry out concentrating of particles of coal in certain fraction (and it thus, that coal particles very easily collapse). Application of fly ash and fly ash products

Photogallery particles containing in fly ash.

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